Upcoming webinar: The leasehold and freehold reform act 2024

On 31ST of May, the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024 became law. But how will this impact relevant parties across the UK?

Our upcoming webinar: an overview

Our upcoming webinar, ‘The Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024 – A Guide’, will be run by our partner and Head of Landlord and Tenant, Ricky Coleman.

Ricky will be diving into the latest updates from the recently granted Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act 2024.

Topics and questions Ricky will be covering:

· Headlines changes

· The 990-year lease extension

· Abolition of marriage value

· When the Act will come into effect

· What the Act will mean for you

· Should I wait to extend my lease?

· Will it be cheaper to extend my lease?

Who is the webinar for?

This insightful webinar is a great session for anyone who wants to know more about Parliament’s recent law reform and how the Act will impact people nationwide.

The Act represents the biggest change to leasehold law since 1993 and affects leaseholders, freeholders, managing agents, investors and residents’ management companies.

That said, the webinar is open to anyone concerned about the changes or who simply wants to stay updated and informed about the current leasehold and freehold landscape.

Webinar details and how to sign up

The webinar will be streaming live on Friday 12th July 10:00am – 10:30am via Teams. Sign up on our EventBrite link to secure your spot and receive the Teams joining link.

To speak with Ricky or any of our Bate & Albon solicitors about a Landlord and Tenant query, contact our team who will be happy to help, or head to our website for more information.


Ricky Coleman
- Post author

Ricky Coleman

Ricky has been advising on landlord and tenant issues for nine years, and now heads up the Landlord and Tenant team at Bate & Albon Solicitors.  He has been advised on numerous complex, high value and technical leasehold disputes for properties in Brighton and London.