Business Premises

Even in today’s digital age, most businesses still need premises from which to trade, whether these are offices, shops, storage warehouses, hotels, pubs, cafes…. the list goes on, and no two transactions are ever quite the same.

We have acquired extensive experience dealing with every conceivable type of premises for a huge range of different businesses, large and small, over the years.

Most businesses starting out will take premises using an occupational lease, and it is very important that the business understands the risks and responsibilities that go with this, as well as the benefits. The same is true of rent deposits and guarantees that are frequently required by landlords, particularly in respect of new businesses without an established track record.

Often, premises will be acquired with the goodwill of an existing business, which brings with it further challenges and requires a thorough understanding of related legal issues, such as the TUPE Regulations that would apply to any employees of the business being acquired. We have that capability as well.

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